"So everything was going great... And then this happened!"
Issues Management
Life is like that sometimes. It's a virtual certainty that an unexpected event or issue will pop in the life of even the most predictable organizations.

Issues management work can be about addressing a full blown crisis. But it can also be a slowly creeping public affairs challenge. In almost all cases, however, the stakes are high and it is critically important that the organization get out in front of the issue with a clear strategy and plan forward.

We can help. When an issue strikes, force yourself to take a deep breath.  Then tell yourself that a calm, disciplined approach (and the right outside help of course) will get you through any storm. 
Among the most common issues we've helped organizations address are: 
  • Regulatory upheaval
  • Ethical issues
  • Executive compensation
  • Civil litigation (or criminal indictments)
  • Accidents
  • Financial rumors
  • Community indignation
  • Labor actions
  • Employee allegation