Everyone drills for when the building catches fire.  So why not drill for when the reputation catches fire?
Crisis Drills
Virtually every organization will face a crisis at some point. Handled poorly, a crisis can destroy an otherwise healthy enterprise. A reputation can be lost overnight and take years to repair.

There is obviously much more to crisis planning than communications.  If your organization doesn't have a crisis or business continuity plan, one should be developed post-haste!

But communications does play a major role in weathering a crisis and coming out alive. This is where we can help.  We'll work with you to develop a comprehensive crisis communications plan and then conduct a crisis drill against that plan. 

Obviously, a crisis communications plan can't forecast or prepare for a particular set of circumstances, but there are consistent elements to all crisis communication procedures that should be accounted for in a crisis communication plan.  They include: 

  • Chain of command and decision making process
  • Media spokesperson identification
  • Stakeholder identification and process for cascading communications
  • Message drafting and approval

Once the plan has been developed, its time to test it.  The crisis drill includes:
  • Scenario development
  • Mock media interviews and press conferences
  • Mock news articles with erroneous information that needs to be corrected
  • Results and recommended refinements to the plan